I'm Márcio, a Portuguese software developer, interested in design, new technologies and cooking.

Born in 16th of May of the great year of 1991, I've always had interest in computer-related subjects.
Lately, my interests have been more related to web applications with full Javascript architecture,and
mobile applications, always looking forward do provide anative experience, as much as possible.
Let's see what I've been up to in the past years:

Places I've worked on

I've been working as a software developer since 2014 (having some minor jobs prior to that). Here's my relevant experience:

Front-End Engineer @ TinkerList

December 2016-Current

  • Projects

    TinkerList 1.0, Tinkerlist 2.0, TinkerList TelePrompter App

  • Skills

    Front-End development, Electron native application packaging and development, Agile

  • Technologies

    jQuery, React, Redux, CodeIgniter, MySQL, Docker, Electron

  • Keywords


Software Developer @ Celfocus

July 2014-November 2016

  • Projects

    Vodafone Front-End, Portal Parceiros Vodafone

  • Skills

    Full Stack development, Front-End performance, Database Optimization, Team Leading

  • Technologies

    Java 8, Ext.JS, Oracle SQL, Vagrant, Git, Siesta

  • Keywords


Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering @ Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto


Studied software development, relational model databases, low level programming languages, always with big enphasis in development and design patterns.

  • Java
  • C++
  • C#
  • SQL
  • Assembly
  • Prolog

Things I've been doing

So, these are just some small projects I've been working on. Some of them are under development, some of them were supposed to be. Here follows a brief description of each, but you can find more info about them on each GitHub project page.

Random Album Cover

Small project created just for fun with the aim to generate random album art based on a challenge that originated on Reddit..


Small application to make image mounting management easier, specifically for elementaryOS made with Vala.